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Teaching and Advising


Kochi University of Technology

College of Engineering
Department of Information Systems Engineering

Year (student)  Name of Course Year (taught)
1st  year Computer  literacy I 1st quarter 2001
1st  year Guidance for professional education 1st quarter, 2001-
1st  year Seminar I 1st , 2nd quarter, 2001- 2002
3rd  year Seminar II 1st , 2nd quarter, 2001
3rd  year Seminar III 3rd  , 4th  quarter, 2001- 2002
1st  year Computer literacy III 3rd  quarter 2001
2nd year Computer  language II (Java) 4th quarter 2001
2nd year Information Systems Laboratory II 3rd , 4th quarter 2001-2003
3rd  year Information Systems Laboratory III 3rd  quarter 2002 -
3rd  year Information Systems Laboratory IV 3rd , 4th quarter 2002 -
3rd  year Database Systems 4th quarter, 2001;  2nd  quarter 2002, 3rd quarter 2011
3rd  year Internship 2nd  quarter, 2001 – 2004
3th    year Introduction to Human Computer Interaction 2007, 3rd quarter 2011
4th    year Graduation Theses 2001 –
Master Human Computer Interaction (Project link) 2013 -

Advising: research direction

(i) Doctoral Students 

Doctoral Students Thesis Title Date
Handityo Aulia Putra   (expected September 2016)
Nem Khan Dim    (expected March 2016)
Chaklam Silpasuwanchai   (expected  March 2015)
Huawei Tu   (expected  September 2012)
Feng Wang Leveraging Finger Properties for Natural Interaction with Direct-Touch Surfaces March 2011 (Prof. & Vice dean, School of Information, Kunming University of Sci. and Tech., China)
Minghui Sun A Study of Haptic Input and Output Modalities in Pen-based User Interfaces: Vibration Texture and Hand Posture, March 2011  (Postdoctral Researcher, Riken, Japan)
Yizhong Xin Pen pressure, tilt, and azimuth in pen-based interfaces: Human capability and utilization March 2010 (Asst. Prof., School of Information Science & Engineering, Shenyang University of Technology, China)
Chuanyi Liu Natural and Smooth Pen-based Interaction Utilizing Multiple Pen Input Channels March 2010 (Assoc Prof., School of Information Science & Engineering, Lanzhou University, China)
Xiaolei Zhou Modeling Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff in Trajectory-based Tasks with Subjective Bias and Temporal Constraint for User Interface Design September 2009 (Research assistant, Computer Science Department, National University of Singapore)
Xinyong Zhang Improving Usability of Eye-based Interaction March 2008 (Asst. Prof., School of Information, Renmin University of China, China)
Jibin Yin Interaction Techniques Utilizing Pen Device Characteristics & Various Input Modalities for Pen Computing August, 2007. (Assoc Prof., Kunming University of Sci. and Tech., China)
Jing Kong Considering Subjective Factors in Performance Models for Human-Computer Interface Design and Evaluation March, 2006. (Research fellow, Nagoya University, Japan)

(ii) PhD committees served on as internal/external examiner

Examinee Title Affiliation
Dingyun Zhu Natural Interaction for Camera Viewpoint Control in Teleoperation December 2011, Research School of Computer Science, The Australian National University
Fangyuan Dong Research on Model Selection for Machine Learning December 2011, JiLin University
Hui Zhao Research on Key Technology for Proactive Intrusion Tolerance System December 2011, JiLin University
Wei Wei Research on Thresholding Technologies for Noisy and Uneven Illumination Images December 2011, JiLin University
Jie Ma A Fast Defocused Image Restoration Method and Its Application June 2011, JiLin University
Xin Ma Research on Multi-Agent System and Its Application Based on Cooperation Mechanism and Intelligent Algorithms June 2011, JiLin University
Gang Wang Research based on metaheuristic for feature selection June 2011, JiLin University
Xiangli Xu Research on Image Retrieval Algorithms Based on Intelligent Computation June 2011, JiLin University
Wei Du Research on Application of Machine Learning and Data Mining in Bioinformatics June 2011, JiLin University
Yanwen Li Research on Inferring Algorithms of Signaling Pathways June 2011, JiLin University
Chen Zhang Research on Methods of Data Processing and Analysis for Microarrays June 2011, JiLin University
Junping Zhou Research on the Upper Bounds and the Phase Transformation of the Automated Reasoning and the Planning June 2011, JiLin University
Yu Jiang Research on Key Technology of Remote Meter System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks June 2011, JiLin University
Jie Dong The Study on Methods of RNA Sceondary Structure Prediction June 2011, JiLin University
Michinari Yuyama Building and use of advanced materials database for research and development March 2009, Kochi University of Technology
Christopher Pilgrim User Goals and Web Site Navigation – Implications for the Design of Sitemaps 2007, Deputy Dean, Information and Communication Technologies, Swinburne University of Technology

(iii) Master's students

Master’s students  Thesis  Title  Date
Yusuke Hayashi    (expected  March  2013)
Masatoshi Kusuba    (expected  March 2013)
Tomoki Ooya Multimodal feedbacks for steering and hovering tasks in pen input systems March  2009
Fumiya Fukutoku A study of stroke interface in trajectory-based tasks March  2009
Tomoaki Tsuchida Pen Tilt and Azimuth Characteristics March, 2008
Kinya Tamura The Influence of Conversion candidate Display Styles in Japanese and Chinese on Input Efficiency March 2005
Ryusuke Ueta Designing a Pen-based Application for Note-Taking and Informal Presentations March 2005
Masafumi Ogasawara The Physical Design of Handheld Devices and Development of the System for Measuring Human Performance Indices March 2005
Taishi Kato The Optimal Size of Pen-Input Character Boxes and Development of the Handwriting Character Input Interface March 2005